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Josh Niland

The Fish Butchery Fish Weight

The Fish Butchery Fish Weight

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Price is $150 AUD 

Weight - 1.6kg / 3.5 pounds

Our fish weights are the essential tool for achieving crisp skin fish.

Heat your pan with a thin layer of clarified butter in it. Place fish skin side down in hot pan. Place fish weight on top of fillet(s). If it is a larger fillet place the weight over the thickest part of the fish. The weight can be moved around during cooking to cook the fish evenly. The fish weight keeps the entire surface of the skin in contact with the pan during cooking, ensuring an even golden colour. As the heat transfers through the skin to the top of the fillet, the fish gently and evenly cooks. This allows you to cook the fish entirely on the stove top without any oven time.





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